What is Personal Branding

Find a way to communicate to others something you like to do and do it forever.

Everything here, the post might close with the phrase you just read. Personal branding is not necessarily a cumbersome strategy that requires study and analysis, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You only have to find that road, always the same equal, to be retraced periodically to communicate outward.

What makes the difference between a good personal branding strategy and one that doesn’t work? Simple, the fact that if you have a strategy, it probably won’t work.

Instead of concentrating on what to do to become famous, concentrate on what to do.

Personal branding strategies do not exist

It is useless that we tease, those who are successful and tell you that you have planned everything, 9 times out of ten have simply united the dots on the drawing when the drawing was already there. It usually happens that you do a series of things because you feel them, then when you start to turn well you make the point about how you did to get there and pull out the strategy “a posteriori”… and they are good to tell you how to do something you have already done!

Beppe Grillo, famous comedian Ligurian and Dominus of the 5-Star Movement (see how I close the ontology), before launching in politics has done shows for more than twenty years around Italy, telling abuses, wastage and vices of Italian politicians. But do you think it was really all part of a design drawn with care to “build” a strong personal branding to move on the new political subject? Grillo spoke badly of Italian politicians even when he worked in Rai, then when they hunted him he did the only thing he could and knew how to do, bringing his qualities of communicator in theaters. Only when later, with the web, it was seen that the thing could develop at interesting levels, it was decided that in fact it was 20 years that cricket and the car was plotting, but things never went that way.

The same Steve Jobs, who was just a fool was not, in the speech to Stanford graduates, clearly said that it is impossible to understand today how to move to succeed in the future, but that only things made it becomes possible to see all the drawing. Moreover, we cannot see the future, so his words make perfect sense.

But then also the marketing does not work

Not even marketing serves to see the future, it simply helps to read the present, to measure its possibilities. Marketing strategies almost always require corrective and the best marketers are the ones able to make decisions based on what happens, not what “must” happen.

Although some call personal branding “personal marketing”, it is not said that this is so much with marketing, or maybe yes, on this I would like to know what you think an expert in personal branding as Riccardo Scandellari, who will not fail to involved in this article.

Maybe he will tell me that on the contrary, there is so much premeditation, but I am no longer convinced as a time. It is clear that when you wake up every day and write an article on your blog, or when you return home and make a video to post on Facebook, reasons also on how to pull something out, but I do not think Marco Montemagno has thought “now I start making videos for Conquis The world “. I think he thought like it after the fifth or sixth, but at the beginning it will be said, “Magd, try, let’s see how it is.”

And let’s see how it is

I think that the basis of personal branding is the desire to say something that you feel you want to say in the way that you feel you use. An impulse, a primitive thrust and completely spontaneous, not rational. The rationality comes later to justify and systematize that lucid moment of madness that marked and marks the beginning of a suggestive and fascinating journey.

So if you’re thinking about doing “some personal branding” to grow business, I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m afraid it won’t work.

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