Web Designer and Web Developer – What is the Difference?

By analyzing the offers published by the major employment agencies, we immediately realize that the market needs a considerable amount of web designers and web developers.

These two terms are often used as synonyms; Even companies that are involved in the production of Web sites speak of Web design and Web developing in an alternate way, as if it were the same service.

It’s not like that!

Web design and Wen developing, web programming if you prefer, are two completely different aspects of the design process of a website. These two activities are among other things to fundamentally different skill sets… almost opposite.

The misuse of the two terms creates confusion in the selection phase of the staff because the candidates often do not understand what is actually the professional figure that a company is looking for.

Even the training centers often make misuse of these terms, probably for commercial reasons and not by ignorance, thus bringing the client to undertake a training course that does not enhance its potential, but simply has a name That seems recurring in job vacancies.

It is therefore fundamental to understand well the difference between these two professions, the Web Designer and the Web Developer, in order to operate the right actions every time:

  • We have to choose which professional to contact us for the realization of our website
  • We have to respond to a job ad
  • We have to choose which vocational training course to undertake.

Who is the Web Designer

The Web Designer is the one who is able to intervene on the aesthetic part of the website and its usability.

The Web Designer is a creative and must be able to use the programs necessary to create the layout of the site and all the visual elements contained therein (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator).

The Web Designer is an expert in visual communication, is aware of the consequences of using a graphic in place of another: color balance, contrasts, highlighting, proportions, are the tools he uses with wisdom in order to Guide the user’s attention.

In very large agencies the Web Designer is limited to this: making choices related to style, navigation structure and usability to make the user’s browsing experience excellent; They will then be other professionals to actually give life to the website following the directions of the Web Designer.

The web Designer who works for medium or small caliber agencies, or who works on his own, will have to go a little further than the simple conceptual design, will have to know some tools necessary to transform his creative idea into a website Working; In this case, the use of graphics software will add to the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver and/or other editors. In recent times many web designers are required a good knowledge of the CMS (eg: WordPress, Joomla).

Who is the web Developer (Web Programmer – Web Developer – Web Programmer)

The Web Developer is basically a programmer, knows one or more programming languages useful to create a dynamic website or more interactive than what could create a web designer even rather autonomous. At this time the most used programming language for the web is PHP, thanks also to the great spread of CMS like WordPress and Joomla that are written in PHP and can therefore be easily manipulated by a programmer who knows this language .
A programmer usually has little to heart the style and graphics of a site, has a highly technical mindset and is not an expert in visual communication, for this follows the design guidelines provided by a web designer.

The work of the Web programmer is therefore a “profession behind the scenes” which, however, is of colossal importance because without its work a website would not take life or, in the best cases, it would be nothing but a roundup of static pages with images perhaps Beautiful, but without effective interaction with the user.

Who is more important between web designers and Web developers?

This is really a question to which it is impossible to answer, are two complementary figures, the spheres of competence are so different that you can not compare them, for the best success of a website are both fundamental.

Is it possible to dress up both roles?

Without excluding that a single individual can be sufficiently eclectic to be able to cover both the role of web Designer and that of Web Developer, it must be admitted that the Leonardo da Vinci of history are not many.
The Web Designer is a creative in the most classic sense of the term, his attention is directed to aesthetics, to the beauty to the sensibility of the user.
The Web developer is a programmer and has a mentality strongly paid to logic and efficiency, for him the aesthetic is pure ornament.
For this reason
But without wanting to cover both roles, however, it is important that both these professionals have the basic knowledge of mutual competences, at least in order to be able to dialogue and reach together the common goal of creating a website functioning and functional.

Why are job vacancies so confusing?

It is clear that the employment agencies have not clearly clear the difference that exists between web designers and web developers, so we find ourselves reading offers where we ask the candidate to:

  • Know how to use graphics software very well
  • Use HTML and CSS with ease
  • Learn more about CMS
  • Know the Javascript
  • Programming in PHP
  • Manage SQL databases

Hardly a single person will be able to perform all these tasks very well because, as already explained, it is a capacity that assumes extremely distant aptitudes.
So why do they look for these profiles?
In some cases for simple ignorance of the matter, the employee of the staff office who is responsible for branching the ad with the job offer is not competent in any of the areas in question and often does not become well aware of what he writes.
In most cases, however, there is the great hope of finding a single entity able to solve most of the business needs by covering a twofold role.
Companies that publish this kind of ads can only say: if you find it, pay it handsomely because it is precious!
For professionals who are trying to answer these offers, we suggest: always apply, even if you believe that you do not have all the requirements because you are sure that the company will not easily find an ambivalent person.
For those who must undertake a training course we suggest to carefully analyze their personal proportions, if you feel more creative it is better to tend towards a course of web design, if you feel more brought to reasoning, logic and technique is Better to go to a programming course for the Web. This is the starting board, without excluding at a later time to deepen the other aspects to learn at least the rudiments of knowledge related to the other professional figure.

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