Web Apps, Native or Hybrid Apps, How to Choose?

The world of apps is fascinating but very often we are lost, both for those who want to develop one for those who want to invest in the app market. It is good then start to know juggling among the different types of apps.

Let’s start with the famous Crossroads app IOS – Android app

As you probably know, there are two systems that dominate the market: Android and IOS. The first is developed by Google and represents about 80% of the market in Italy. Its main competitor, however, IOS, is developed by Apple and constitutes about 16% of the Italian market.

They are two different systems that adapt to the habits of consumers, so having Android and IOS different features, even consumers will make a different use. of consequences you have to create apps that satisfy both the one and the other.

Native APP

In a few people know but most of the apps on the market are Native. Native means app Nate for a specific platform. Then create for Android or IOS.

Every native app developed for Android will not work on IOS and vice versa.

This is because the programming language is different from one operating system to another. For example, IOS uses most of the Objective-C language, while Android uses Java. Each with its own specificities.

Native apps are the most demanding because they are faster, do not need the Internet to work, they are easier to use and allow push notifications.


You will have stumbled upon a web app many times without be account.

A web app is, for example, a mobile version of a desktop Web site. Basically web apps work like a website, a user doesn’t have to download or install anything to make it work. Of course, however, only work with Internet connection available.

In General, the purpose of a Web application is to make content available on mobile devices. It acts as a normal application, it seems a normal application but its accessibility and its cost have nothing to do with mobile applications.

I would also add that a web app also costs 70% lower than a native app.

Hybrid apps

They are built on multi-platform apps, at a lower cost but approaching native app functions. They can be created on platforms for IOS and for Android, they allow lower maintenance costs but, honestly they also have significantly lower performance.

How to choose the right app

Like everything about the Web, the right choice is on demand and budget.

If you have an innovative idea, in which you want to invest time and money, the best choice is a native App. If you have a site that works well and you want to give an more service to those who surf from mobile to facilitate the browsing experience and you have a low budget you just have to choose a web App.

If you are a developer, I highly recommend you specialize in developing Native apps.

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