Is It Possible to Create a Landing Page Really Effective?

Premise: If I do not off someone today, I have a good chance to become the blogger of the year. I’m not kidding.

It speaks of landing page and conversions, in particular the psychological mechanisms whereby users would be artificially encouraged to perform the action envisaged by the landing page on which they found themselves to navigate.

I have studied the psychology of color and persuasive for a long time. My reference texts are

– The persuasive color of Luzzatto/pumps

– The weapons of the persuasion of Robert wafers

– Social communications psychology of Stanislaus Smiraglia

– Neuro web Design by Susan Weinschenk

Before dedicating myself exclusively to SEO, so some time ago, I was also involved in creating websites paying attention to the dynamics of attraction, those that together with the web usability make the difference between a project that converts well and one that is struggling to Off.
The fundamental questions

But how big should the font of the headers? And how much text does it have to be altogether? And again, what color should be the buttons? Ah, the buttons…

A youth spent studying Filippo Toso and before him Giulio Marsala, led me to develop dozens of tests A/B in which the same landing page was made to navigate from a group of users in a version with the green text and the red button and to another group in Variation with blue text and green button. We observed those small differences in the answer that so small are not when you find yourself moving on the big numbers.

It is not a secret that the big behemoths (and also the averages) of e-commerce, consider strategic and therefore internalize the figure of the Web analyst, that is, the expert of the devices to monitor and analyze all user behaviors on the pages of a website. It is not simply about the operation of Google Analytics, but of having the clear ideas on how to use it to make inference on the organization of the landing pages in particular and all the elements that make up the communication of the website more in general.

It’s a difficult world

The feeling that came to me was a somewhat short-sighted perfectionism. We invested whole days to take care of these minimal aspects, studied and was testing everything as if people were “only” users to capture. When you move so you’re not thinking about the target audience, but on the targets, that’s not the same thing. When dealing with extreme conversion (practically a fighting style), users are “targets to center”. This for me is not communication, it is shooting. I quit because I didn’t like to be a sniper!

An ethical issue?

Beware however, do not believe that the basis of my choices there are only ethical motivations. It is that in my opinion we have concentrated very much on the technical aspects that make a Web page “profitable”, but too little on the characteristics of the product, on its communication, on commercial policies, in short on the real reasons why people (not the Users) should choose to buy a product instead of another.

Conclusions (for so many people are stupid)

This is the polemical passage. Many level marketers, they think that basically people are manipulatable because they are a little stupid. This justify a series of absurd situations in which we find ourselves living still now. Every time I perceive this consideration of the neighbor in a marketing expert, I come the blood to the head, because I think of what you sometimes undertake with Machiavelli plots to scrub people in a systematic way, and then conclude that people are stupid Once you reach the goal.

People are not stupid, they simply can be deceived. A whole Italian problem is that we are a country of “clever”, at the constant pursuit of the hunchback blow that makes us turn.

With this I do not say that those who focus on the landing page and all the conversion devices is a manipulator, but that if you focus only on these aspects of communication, not only are you missing an opportunity, but help to pollute The internet and make it a worse place.

So do the right thing. All life forms in the universe are capable of it.

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