How to Create a Successful Community

Hello, my name is Francesco and incidentally I created one of the most followed SEO communities in Italy, that of SEO facts on Facebook. I don’t know the truth about Kennedy’s killer, but a couple of things about how you care for a group I think I can tell you. I’ll tell you exactly the story of the facts of SEO focusing about the choices I made, trying to highlight the mistakes not to commit and the attitudes (in my opinion) more suitable to “cultivate” a community.


Here I want to be very clear. Right now if you want to “do community” you have to bet on Facebook and you have to do it for one simple reason: we are all there.

Zero point. Question of necessity

I already attended a group by user, Web Marketing & SEO, managed by Annalisa Rafi, an excellent professional of the Sicilian web. I really liked the group because I could share my articles and bring traffic to my blog, ie in fact I thought I could do it, until one day Annalisa wrote that it was not advisable to publish articles (although pertinent) in order to increase the visits On your site. Later I think he changed his mind, because today people publish us over their articles, but at the time I thought that if I could not share my reflections on that group, I would have served another, the only problem is that a little everywhere strangely, blog articles were considered to be the limit of spam. I thought among myself and me that it would be nice, useful and all in all natural that there was a group in which every SEO could share their own reflections on the matter in a free way in the form of blog posts without being considered a last-minute mark.

I think Annalisa now thinks so too… well, too late.

The name of the group

On this point, I’m sorry to say, but they all fall. Yet it is not so hard to understand that the name of a community is among the main reasons why you sign up, especially at the beginning and especially if it is on Facebook. It must contain the main information, that is, the topic of which it is spoken, plus an element that is approaching an existing project (eg. Webhouse – The professionals of the Web) or a game of words that catch the attention. In my case I played on the ambiguity “things about seo” and “seo Junkies”. It worked!

First steps, the toughest

When you create a group on Facebook, you don’t know where to start to bring people. My suggestion is to ask how many more influencer you know to enter and start interacting with them. Of course, it is not a simple thing, but in my case, the fact that I spent all the previous year doing networking through my SEO interviews, had allowed me to open a series of channels that later understood, were worth a lot. Once they got into the group, there were about twenty heads of the series, many others followed the wheel. Everyone wanted to be in the facts of SEO, also because not forget, was the only group that explicitly invited to share their own articles of industry. Strange But true!

Establish rules and enforce them

One of the most important things to ensure that your group is considered serious is to be the first to abide by the rules you have established. You cannot advertise your services directly if you have declared that you cannot do so. You will make mistakes along the way, but the strength is in admitting them, apologize and move on. The facts of SEO are all the same, should not exist a member that is worth more than another because maybe it is a known SEO, in this lies the principle of integrity. What many colleagues fail to understand is that there is a difference between making community and doing a lot of work. If you plan to make a group to affirm yourself and your parish, prepare not to exceed 300 members. So it is.

Crisis management

When you already have several thousand people registered, it will happen for sure that someone burst because:

  • The group is dispersive
  • The questions are too simple and always the same
  • As a manager you suck
  • Facebook is not good for making groups.

Thank these users for their feedback and if they insist, kindly invite them to the door, because no one has prescribed to come and tell you how to manage a group, especially if they have never done so. Being free to express yourself doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Do not allow envy and saccenti to undermine your security, because if you move according to consciousness, the number of those who benefit the community will certainly be bigger (but quite a lot) of those 4 scoundrels that attack you just for the sake of hurting you. Of course if the number of those who criticize you and higher than that of those who appreciate your work, there is something wrong, in that case it is good to stop to reflect, but in most cases you will find that put to the door annoying people , the group starts to create and distribute value more and better than before.

Try to keep calm because to manage a group you must have a mild character and little inclined to the Barney. You must be “referee”, which actually succeeds a few, because most people are not willing to do so many things in a disinterested way. In any case, if it were not for Claudia, my partner, who practically pulls the wires of everything, I could not even turn on the computer.

One is pleased to be able to serve

I left the most important thing for the end. The real secret of the success of a community like the facts of SEO is in being “present”. I am the first to answer the questions of the users, certainly not at all, but to all the ones I can. In a world where you try to program and automate everything, – because the successful man is the one who lives on the tropical beach and works 4 hours a week – only if you have an authentic and strong attitude to the service you can make a difference. This attitude costs, because you end up spending a lot of hours in front of the screen (and I also have clients to cure), but growing must mean growing all, otherwise this technology is little more than a wasted opportunity.


When a group works, unusual things happen. One of the success figures can be read if you write “facts of” in the Facebook search engine. You will notice that there are about 40 groups (some with thousands of subscribers) who borrowed my idea and that I consider part of the network of facts. Tell me if it worked!

A group takes away your life, but you give it another. With Claudia in the evening we drink beer and talk about the performance of Vaccari, the heart of Amin El Fadil, the wisdom of Skande. Someone might think that my life is a surrogate and maybe he will be right, but if by chance one among all the people entered the group, he will be able to really improve his own existence and that of those around him thanks to these my few intuitions , it will certainly be worth it.

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