How to Choose the Domain Name

When we talk about choosing the name of the domain or its extension, it is advisable to reflect on the business objectives of a Web project, on those of communication and on those of organic visibility.

The domain name of your future website must not be long, short, beautiful, low, tall or blond (gosh blond), it must essentially take into account the three variables mentioned above related to the segment and the target audience.

Better a domain EMD or the name of the company?

Basically this is the main question in relation to the choice of the domain name. The domain EMD (exact match domain) is usually chosen with SEO purpose and is the “exact key” as saying that if your goal of visibility is the query “extensible tables”, a domain of type Tavoliallungabili. XYZ would have a greater chance of Get a good placement for the key of interest. I take care that I use the conditional because although it seems that my previous statement is true and found on many serp, it is not in many cases, especially when the domain EMD does not match a structured website or in any way relevant to the key of interest.

Domains PMD (partial match domain)

A compromise between organic visibility and use of the brand key is the choice of a matched domain only partially coincident with the search key. You can use the keyword of your interest in conjunction with your company name. For example, if you call red and only produce armored doors, you can take the domain “Porteblindaterossi. xyz”. It’s okay because it’s not too long, but remember to keep the search key “prominent” i.e. on the left or at the beginning of the domain name, so as to match the maximum relevance.

Avoid keeping the brand key at the beginning, especially if you call it Dickin and work in the field of “Sheet metal processing” (write them together and you’ll understand why).

Communication objectives

But we want to stop it with this SEO? We want to understand that we turn to people who have a brain? Ok, maybe it’s better if we go back to talk about SEO. Apart from jokes, if you have the desire and the ability to offer really valuable content to your users, if your company is truly innovative and its website testifies with a good structure and with a offer really capable of effectively reaching its Public reference, then not only do I suggest you avoid the exact key in the domain name, but I tell you clearly that using it could be counterproductive and weigh negatively on any branding campaigns.

There are (at least) two types of positioning, the organic and the market. The organic positioning requires attention side SEO, that market is about the work on branding. My thoughts, to have it perished on my skin, as well as to have participated in the growth of international brands, is that in the battle on the visibility between SEO and branding, the latter wins with low hands. With SEO you can do traffic, but with a strong brand you’re in place for life. Divergence is the one that passes between being visible and being known for something.

I realize that said by an SEO is odd, but guys, visibility alone is fine for certain areas, not always. It is not enough to be visible to guarantee a stable turnover (maybe incremental), instead if you have a good name, if you grow a good reputation and maybe if you were the first to launch a certain idea or the particular declination of a product or service, your Public reference will always seek you for what you represent, for how you are.


The EMD domain can produce good results when it is inserted into a strategy that involves the development of satellite Web sites, the famous PBN, a network of external blogs linked to a corporate website. Alternatively, use an exact key domain when you don’t plan to develop branding activities because maybe you’re interested in monetizing in the short term and not forever.

For the rest, if you have a company and if your interest is to make it grow over the years, forget the domains to match exact and use only the key brand. The other SEO will not agree, you do not listen to them because they do not know what they say, like me of the rest.

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