From eCommerce to Social Shopping

Andrea Gualtieri is the CEO of Groupalia, the famous Italian social shopping platform. I had the pleasure to reach him with some questions about trends related to buying groups on the web, especially related to multi-channel visibility and how to generate confidence in people.

Hello Andrea, tell us your current focus compared to Groupalia? What are you concentrating on?

Groupalia is focusing on the offers that most receive positive consensus from our clients such as cinema tickets or theme parks and holiday offers sea Italy. Meanwhile it also becomes a place where medium-sized companies specialized especially in ecommerce want to become acquainted with our type of customers not finalizing the purchase on the site Groupalia but on the website of The Advertiser company. For this we have created ad hoc sections called coupon at 0 with exclusive discounts only for our customers, or real tabs within our site that refer to them, example winds.

How does social shopping in Italy work in relation to the rest of the world?

It is very consolidated with only 2 national partners, US and Groupon, who sell localized and domestic products and many realities of cities that focus on services in the city itself.

How do you build trust compared to the users of a website offering offers and coupons?

Managing the customer in the post sale so helping buyers in the few times they have difficulty maybe to book a restaurant or a waxing: Even during the sale it is important that the customer feels ‘ pampered ‘ and for this we have created a live chat on Our site where the customer can ask what is blocking his purchase and get an answer in a few seconds.

Is it more important for you to be visible on Google or to make engagement on social networks?

SEO is very important having content at special prices and by definition Google is the best system to maximize clicks and sales. Facebook is an important showcase that will explode when customers buy directly from there.

What does it mean to handle a crisis in your case?

If we mean economic crisis, we say that our system is the one that most benefits because more and more people will be careful to buy products and services at the best price. In the meantime, however, it decreases the spending power of all and therefore is reflected in this case negatively.

How will e-commerce evolve in the coming years?

Making eCommerce is very difficult, because there are variables that change every day and ever larger players that ‘ swallow ‘ entire business areas. So I see better the big corporations than those who only do small trading. Fortunately Groupalia has contained in many unique and unobtainable cases from other companies.