Difference Between Developer, Graphic and Web Designer

Since now I have tasted to talk about mythological creatures, and since I realized that in this delirium I come behind, I asked a million dollar question:

If I have to do a website, I call the graph, the web master or the web designer?

I know, so the question is terrifying, but we try to understand well who deals with what.

The Web Master is a “being” not to be considered, because in practice today its skills are smeared in a dozen different professions. If anyone ever existed, it would certainly be able to make your website and probably to do a lot of other things. As I wrote a few days ago, today the level of specialization required in individual areas is such as to make it very difficult for a single operator to define precisely “Web Master”. This does not exclude the existence of these legendary WEB Dominators.

Web Designer

The web designer instead should be your man. In practice it is the one who knows how to design a website in both graphic and structural terms. He’s the architect. It can certainly start with a theme for WordPress and customize it, but for completeness should be able to develop one from scratch, so it should know the HTML, the CSS and at least a language of those adopted for the realization of dynamic websites, such as PHP or ASP.

Graphic Designer

Vulgarly called “The graph”, is a completely different professional figure, with studies that can go from the illustration to the photo editing until the layout etc. For example, it takes care to design a corporate logo, a coordinated image, paginates catalogues or brochures, creates illustrations for books and is basically not said (not at all) that it should operate on the Web. It can also develop graphic elements that will be part of a website, but without knowing the logic mastered by a web designer, will not be able to do much.

Most of the web designers of today are graphics that operate from WordPress themes, adapting to the needs of the client. These operators need to be joined by a web developer, i.e. a web Developer… oh my God, it’s complicated!

Web Developer

Vulgarly known as “The programmer” is an operator that most of the time comes from computer studies. Basically his job is to develop web based software such as mobile apps. The web Developer works together with the Web designer when the website being realized must have technical characteristics that go beyond the competences owned by the latter. For example, if there is an internal search engine in the home page that, following a multiple query, returns the them results in a certain way after you have crossed the data in the database, then it is probably appropriate that the software be developed ad hoc by a web developer and managed front end by the web designer.

When it has nothing better to do and when the Web designer is not there, the developer is employed practically in its place and can take care of developing the entire website, perhaps using a graphic to customize a bit the work.


In a perfect world everyone does his job, but this world is not perfect… and I think it is good in some cases, because it is making a deviant use of your knowledge that you can discover those border areas from which innovation is born. Of course this has a price, because often if you do what you are not specialized you can go wrong (and so much), but it is on this that evolve societies and institutions, and if you look around, see how the Do of necessity virtue, is producing a tremendous acceleration of Development processes, at the very least in the digital sector is so.

What do you think? Did I leave someone out?

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